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About Transitions Housing

Transitions Housing is a transitional living community that provides housing and services for recovering addicts to ensure a successful transition back into the mainstream of society by providing services to include social, educational and life skills by working with various state and private agencies. It is our mission to empower participants spiritually, emotionally, socially and economically so that they may become a greater asset in our society at large.

Transitions Housing was founded by Executive Director Anne Betts in 2005. Her goal was to provide safe housing for women and men trying to recover from addiction in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, Transitions has grown, as has the need for housing for recovering addicts being released from incarceration in Tennessee. Transitions Housing Agency was able to become parole approved to have ex-offenders reside there. We currently work very closely with the board of probation and parole to serve offenders from all over the state of Tennessee.

Transitions Housing has a solid five-year track record of success shown by the implementation of several new programs, which include recovery based groups facilitated by Vincent Bryson, whose presentations are bringing a whole new demand to this area. Ex-offenders need a structured, safe environment for successful main-streaming back into society that deals with all issues, including substance abuse. Transitions now has 4 houses- 2 female houses and 2 male houses, with tried and true procedures that work as evidenced by the ever-growing waiting list for a bed in a Transitions House. We offer assistance with basic needs such as a bus pass, assistance in obtaining legal identification, food supplies, and toiletries. These simple things provide relief for the client to keep their momentum going.

Another new program born by demand is a 90 day A&D treatment alternative program that teaches clients how to live life chemically independent with their issues until they can then address them through 12 Step programs and/or therapy. It is divided into four (4) segments: (1) Early Recovery Skill Development, (2) Relapse Prevention, (3) Spirituality Development, and (4) Transitioning Skills. All in all, current and future clients benefit greatly from Transitions programs, benefits which will radiate out with the "ripple effect" touching the lives of family members and society in general.

Each program has an evaluation process that is performed by the Case Managers. These evaluations show what works and what needs work and therefore utilizes funds very efficiently. The core staff meets regularly to discuss the evaluations and also have a "hands on" approach with all of their clients.

Transitions Housing * P.O. Box 90383 * Nashville, TN 37209