Transitions Housing - Nashville Halfway House

At Transitions Housing, our mission is to assist recovering addicts as they
strive to become a productive member of society.

Transitions Housing provides a safe and supportive living environment conducive to recovery and case management when needed. All locations are parole and probation approved. Our facility consists of Two Female and Two Male Houses all in the East Nashville area. All locations are conveniently located on the MTA bus line, near grocery stores, churches, etc.

Addiction is a disease that affects the mind, body and spirit. It also has a profound effect on the addicted person's family and loved ones. The addicted person will resort to behavior that lands them in jails, institutions, and even death. The impact this population has on the community is evident in the very environment in Nashville. One can drive down the streets in downtown Nashville and see people struggling with this illness. When you visit a prison, the evidence is in the eyes of the inmates who are visited by their families who also are subject to the consequences of active addiction.

Whether it be a prison sentence or desperation and homelessness that brings a client to the door of Transitions Housing, we treat this illness head on and give the client the head start and foundation they need to have a second chance at life. By bringing these people off the streets and giving them shelter and providing them with means to gain employment, the community is impacted directly in that there are less people on the streets and less repeat offenders in prison. The cost of simply maintaining one inmate incarcerated for one year is exponentially higher than if that same ex-offender were to be employed and self-sufficient. The family of these addicts has peace of mind and trust can be rebuilt.

Transitions Housing has been involved with the recovery community in Nashville, Tennessee, since 2005. In addition to relationships with local treatment centers and hospitals, Transitions Housing's reputation in the community has spread by word of mouth and recommendations from former clients. We are partners with the Davidson County Treatment Court and have a solid working relationship with Community Corrections in Davidson and surrounding counties. The targeted population of addicts and alcoholics that are incarcerated has been reached by many efforts by staff to build relationships with prison and jail institutions in Tennessee.

Transitions Housing's approach to a therapeutic recovery community is effective in that clients are held accountable to one another. While there are Case Managers on duty 24 hours a day, we have found the most effective way to engage clients is though peer to peer experience. Clients are encouraged to share their recovery with each other, to aid in keeping them accountable. They have shared responsibilities in their environment, and they required to keep up attendance in 12-step meetings.

Transitions Housing * P.O. Box 90383 * Nashville, TN 37209

Proudly supported by these outside funding sources:

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Agriculture and Commerce

Access to Recovery Grants